Idris Road





Renovated Bungalow  has a new leash of life !

Like many traditional Bungalows this one was no exception; previous attempts at renovating the home failed to deliver the results the home deserved.  When the new owners bought the property they had a clear goal in mind of wanting to modernise the home for themselves and their family while also respecting the character and style of the original Bungalow. 

One of the major parts of this renovation was the upgrading of the main bathroom and the addition of an ensuite in the master bedroom. To make better use of space, a separate toilet next to the main bathroom was incorporated into the bathroom, with space also being taken from part of the former dining room and scullery.

The resulting new bathroom features elegant Italian tiles with a marble design. There is a double shower, and taking pride of place, a stand-alone bath. The timber cabinetry mirrors the kitchen joinery, again creating warmth while creating a pleasing contrast to the crispness of the tiles.

“For all the renovations, and especially the bathroom, I wanted to balance practical design with the aesthetics – timeless and classic. I didn’t want cutting-edge design in the bathroom as that would be outdated in a few years,” Steve says.

In addition to the main bathroom, an ensuite in the master bedroom was a ‘must have’. To accommodate this, a narrow wardrobe space was extended, plus some space was cribbed from the old bathroom. Like the main bathroom, the ensuite, with a double shower and toilet, is fully tiled – a stylish ablutions space for the master bedroom’s occupants.

The end result speaks for itself - a beautiful, outstanding home where the attention to detail and the workmanship by the Bathroom FitOut Company is incredible.  This a Home that has been transformed and will be enjoyed by Steve and his family for many, many years to come.